Welcome To Conscious College!

This educational experience is designed to provide a deeper understanding of what guidance and information you may need to fully embrace your journey within. This accountability project is meant to rewrite the mental foundation that was laid by mainstream educational institutions.

We are in the Age of Comprehension and the teaching models are currently outdated. Therefore, we must adapt and learn new ways to educate ourselves by priming our awareness and neural pathways for the 21st century way of processing information.

Through four distinct class types, Conscious College will provide you with the tools and techniques to elevated your well-being and pave the way towards further clarity on your path to purpose.

By enrolling in this synergistic process, you will have the opportunity to join up to 4 live calls each week. You will also have FULL access to a suite of recordings to watch at your convenience. You will be taught within a structured manner as heralded in our Student Mentorship for optimal results.

Class Curriculum:

Mondays: Mental Mapping

11am - 12pm CST

This class is dedicated to setting yourself up weekly within our 5-Point Process. We will demonstrate how to stay within your defined activity values and character values in order to harmonize your cognitive and allostatic energy reserves. This is THE RECIPE for mental clarity. We will also cover the 7 Steps to Liberation, a potent breakdown of your intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, how to set steadfast goals, and lastly: how to incorporate everything into your 7 Dynamics of Health.

Tuesdays: Community Coherence

2pm - 3pm CST

These calls are our "main squeeze." The "whole enchilada." The "kit and caboodle."

The "GRAND PRIZE".... but seriously, this is worth your ENTIRE investment.

We call in a minimum of eight gifted individuals to bring direct healing energy towards a selected member to receive a live 2D Coherence Clearing. Knowledge will be provided with the proper guidance on techniques taught at High Vibe Holonomics so you can replicate this experience at home. Come witness the magic of miracles!!!

Wednesdays: Conscious Cohort

7pm - 8:30pm CST

THIS IS where the educational deep-dive truly begins, so bring your pen and paper! Conscious Cohort has been our flagship class at High Vibe Holonomics since its inception with High Vibe Healing in 2021. These calls will cover our foundational topics which include- Neuroscience of Flow, Quantum Physics, Holonomic Brain Theory, The Holographic Universe, and Post-Traumatic Growth.

Thursdays: The Healing Underground

7pm - 8pm CST

The Healing Underground is our live interactive podcast platform created for free flowing conversations about a vast array of topics between High Vibe Holonomics founders, Chris Stephani and Kyle Anthony Trautmann. We provide an opportunity for current and potential students to ask questions about philosophy, spirituality, practicum, and curriculum. This class is open-focused to expand the mind and consolidate information after a week of in-depth education.

Your Enrollment Subscription Includes:

  • Access To All Of Our Weekly Educational Calls

  • Mental Mapping Call On Mondays

  • Community Coherence Call On Tuesdays

  • Conscious Cohort Call On Wednesdays

  • The Healing Underground Call On Thursdays

  • Access To The Full Archive Of Recordings From All Previous Calls

  • 7 Dynamics Of Health Worksheet

  • 7 Requirements Of Change Worksheet

  • 5-Point Process Worksheet

  • HVH Color Psychology PDF

Join Us Every Other Thursday For

The Healing Underground

Join us every other Thursday for our live podcast The Healing Underground!

These calls are open to everyone and are for freeflow discussion of all topics from Flow State, philosophy, energy and more!

We will also be answering any and all questions about what we do here at High Vibe Holonomics!

Stay gritty!


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